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For over 25 years, the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts has provided a world-class education to students within our community and around the world.

Building on the vision of our late founder Scott MacAulay, the College now enters into a new era of excellence. We have already raised initial funding of $2,700,000 and designed a modern facility that will provide new opportunities for enhanced learning, culture, and community.

The new Performing Arts Education Centre is equipped to facilitate the growing needs of students, faculty, and programming. Each space is carefully designed to invite hard work, inspire dedication and provide opportunity to o er more programming — and to more students — than ever before.

We invite you, our neighbors, to join us in a combined e ort of public, private and corporate partnership to make this project a reality. Let’s work together and empower generations to come. Let’s work together and build the Performing Arts and Education Centre.

Questions? Call us for more information.

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The College of Piping and Performing Arts of Canada
619 Water Street East
Summerside, PEI C1N 4H8

Office: (902) 436-5377
Email: roger.downie@collegeofpiping.com


Grease Sing-along March 29th, 2019

















A wop bop baloo bomp a wap bam boom!

For our Grease Sing-along on Friday, March 29th, you will want to look deep into your closets and attics and dig out your poodle skirts, leather jackets and get ready to join the Pink Ladies or the T-Birds, become a “Beauty School Dropout” and go back to High School…Rydell High School to be exact!  Get your singing voices ready, practice your hand jive and lets all head to Thunder Row and race for pink slips!  You are the star of the show and we encourage you to dress up as there will be a prize for the best costume and remember…Grease is the word!

Fàrsan March 30th, 2019

Powered by four of the brightest voices in a new generation of traditional musicians, Fàrsan unites song, dance and instrumental music from the Gaelic traditions of Scotland and North America.

Màiri Britton, Elias Alexander, Katie McNally and Neil Pearlman each represent an engaging new take on their cultural traditions. Màiri’s Gaelic song and stepdance repertoires have a foundation in her native Scotland but are heavily influenced by her current work teaching and researching song and dance in Nova Scotia. Katie’s fiddling and Neil’s piano and stepdance continue the strong connection between New England and Maritime Canada, both having grown up in the Scottish and Cape Breton music community that surrounds Boston. Elias brings an American flair to the Scottish border pipes, merging a love of the tradition with a wealth of new ideas.

Song, instrumental and dance traditions are often viewed as three separate worlds, but Fàrsan challenges that notion, bringing together the melodies of Gaelic songs and puirt-à-beul (mouth music) with their instrumental counterparts and interjecting rhythmic stepdance seamlessly to the mix. The result is a unique combination of sound and movement which delivers vibrant energy to every performance.

 Highland Storm – Summer 2019

This exhilarating evening of Celtic music and dance will captivate audiences with a stunning display of Highland and step dancers and breathtaking sounds of pipes and drums. Combined with haunting melodies of beautiful traditional songs and the consuming fire of the fiddle, you WILL be moved by this authentic experience. Prepare to sit tight and hold on. There’s a Storm coming!



Upcoming Sing-alongs!

Apr 26th, 2019 – Mamma Mia

May 3rd, 2019 – Beauty & the Beast

Sept 27th, 2019 – Wizard of Oz

Oct 25th, 2019 – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Nov 22nd, 2019 – Phantom of the Opera

Dec 2019 – Sound of Music

Dec 2019 – Frozen

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