The College of Piping Mandate – The College of Piping And Celtic Performing Arts of Canada


Based in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, The College of Piping & Celtic Performing Arts of Canada has developed a world-class reputation as an international school of excellence in Highland bagpiping, Scottish-style drumming, Fiddle, Drum set, Celtic step dancing,  introduction to dance, acrobatic dance, ballet, hip hop and jazz. With a mandate to preserve and promote the Celtic heritage of Canada’s most Celtic province, Prince Edward Island, The College of Piping & Celtic Performing Arts of Canada ignites passion in the hearts and minds of students and visitors alike!


Executive Director
James MacHattie

Performing Arts Centre Manager
Peter Gallant

Front Office Manager
Rachel Kitts

Maggie Clarkin


James MacHattie
Kylie MacHattie

Snare Drumming:
Chris Coleman

Kit Drumming:
Max Gallant

Step Dance:
Samantha MacKay

Modern Dance:
Samantha Lasher

Karine Gallant


• Office Hours are Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 5:00pm
• New and returning students must complete a registration form before teaching may begin.
• Registration forms are available online at
• A student’s name will only appear on an instructor’s schedule after the tuition has been paid/partially paid.

• All tuition may be paid in full.
• Payments may be made by VISA, MasterCard, pre-authorized debit or e-transfers.
• The College of Piping will not reserve space for a student until a signed registration form and payment have been received.
• Once registered, no refund will be issued if a student decides to withdraw from the program for any reason.

• All new piping & drumming students must purchase chanters, drum pads & sticks before the start of their lessons. If purchased from the Gift Shop, you would receive the student discount of 20%.
• Step students must wear step dance shoes.
• Dance: (All classes No Jewelry, and No Jeans)
•      Ballet: hair in bun, pink ballet tights (white), black bodysuit. May have shorts or skirt (in black) over top. Nothing knee length or longer. Pink ballet shoes
• Hip Hop: Hair up and out of face,  black jazz shoes/black indoor running shoes, black tight athletic pants (must cover knees) (no jeans or dresses). Black sleeveless (not spaghetti strap) bodysuit
• Jazz: Hair up and out of face, black sleeveless (not spaghetti strap) bodysuit, black tight pants (no jeans), black jazz shoes.
• Acro: Hair up and out of face, black sleeveless (not spaghetti strap) bodysuit, black tight pants (no jeans)
• Please contact your instructor for instructional books you may have to purchase.

Safety and Security Policy
The College community includes students, faculty, staff, parents/guardians, volunteers and the Board of Directors.  We are united in working toward a common goal and that can only be reached in a positive environment.  College management will not tolerate bullying, discrimination, harassment, assault, theft, extortion, vandalism, unlawful substance use or other abusive or illegal activity by any member of the College community.  Non-compliance with will result in expulsion without refund.

Missed Lessons
No make-up lesson, refund or deduction can be given for lessons missed by the student. The registrar or instructor must be notified when a student cannot attend a lesson for any reason.

Unscheduled Closings
If The College of Piping must close due to conditions beyond our control, such as severe weather, lessons will not be re-scheduled and refunds cannot be issued.  The College aligns with the Western School Board for statutory holiday closures; however, The College does not necessarily follow the School Board closures for severe weather. Lessons cancelled due to severe weather will be announced on CBC Charlottetown (96.1), Hot 105.5 FM, Ocean 100.3, Q 93/CFCY 95.1 and Spud FM 102.1. It is the responsibility of the student, parent and/or guardian to listen for these announcements. In addition, any cancellations will be posted on The College’s Blog on the website – and on The College’s Facebook page.  Decisions on cancellations, closure, etc., are made independently of other educational institutions.

Termination/Refusal of Tuition
The College reserves the right to terminate or refuse tuition of any student if, in The College’s opinion, it is in the best interests of The College and/or the student.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy
Once registered, no refund will be issued if a student withdraws from the program for any reason.

Insufficient Enrollment
We reserve the right to cancel any class if registration is insufficient. In that event, all fees and tuition will be refunded in full.

Scent Free Policy
We are a scent-free educational facility. Please be considerate of others.


• It is a fun, educational experience where students and families have the chance to learn music, theatre, art and dance in a setting that promotes the arts.
• Your teachers are highly qualified certified professionals and/or recognized performing and teaching experts in their respective disciplines.
• Scholarships and awards are offered in some disciplines to recognize excellence, encourage further study and development, and assist parents with tuition costs. For more information about funding a scholarship, please contact us at 1-877-BAG-PIPE, 902-436-5377 or
• Workshops are given with nationally and internationally recognized artists.
• The new Celtic Performing Arts Centre is a beautiful, professional venue for recitals, ceilidhs, concerts, etc.
• There is a December and June Recital where students get to perform for their families, learn about our other disciplines and meet other College of Piping students.
• There is an opportunity to join The College of Piping Pipe Band and The College of Piping Dance Company.
• There is an opportunity to audition and perform in the summer production, one of the most successful stage productions on Prince Edward Island and arguably one of the best Celtic music and dance shows in the world.
• The College of Piping has large, professional studios for teaching, learning and practicing. Please contact the registrar for current rates.
• We encourage students, instructors, and parents to communicate with each other and with administration. We work in a vibrant atmosphere of artistic activity and collegiality.

Available Awards and Scholarships:

• The Doug and Debbie Hall Pipe Band Scholarship
• The Munro Family Award
• Marion Riehl Award
• The Ernest Shaw Memorial Award
• Student of the Year Awards

For further details, please see “Awards and Scholarships”.