The Atlantic Canada Piobaireachd Challenge – The College of Piping And Celtic Performing Arts of Canada

Online 2021 Atlantic Canada Piobaireachd Challenge


The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada

In Partnership With

The Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association

Instructions/General Information:

  • Competitors must enter using the form provided.
  • Cost of registration may be sent via e-transfer to the College’s Bookkeeper, Maggie Clarkin, at or call the College to pay with credit card (1-877-224-7473).
  • Entry forms are due by May 14/21 and no late entry forms will be accepted. Video submissions are due by midnight (AST) on May 30/21 via YouTube (directions below). No late video submissions will be accepted.
  • In contests where you submit more than one tune, your selections will be given to you the week of May 17th.
  • Please submit your entry form online. Any questions can be directed to Kylie MacHattie at
  • ACPBA rules are in place for this competition. These rules (as well as tune requirements) can be found here:
  • Highland dress and appropriate hat is required. Jackets are optional.
  • Competitors from Atlantic Canada must be current members of the ACPBA and competitors from other jurisdictions must be members of their own regional associations.
  • Changes to tunes cannot be made after May 14/21.

Video Creation and Submission:

  • Submit one video per event.
  • Video performances must not have been, and must not be, submitted for any other competitions and must be unique to the Atlantic Canada Piobaireachd Challenge.
  • Players must clearly state in their videos that this is for the Atlantic Canada Piobaireachd Challenge/the player’s full name/grade/music event/the tunes they will be performing.
  • Please do not include tuning time (or as little tuning time as possible).
  • Players must be on the full instrument.
  • The video must be completed in one take (no editing or splicing), although multiple attempts can be made.

Requirements for Uploading to YouTube:

  • A Gmail account or a Google account associated with a non-Gmail email is required. If not already done, a channel will need to be created.
  • Use a computer browser or the YouTube app to login and upload the video recording(s).
  • Set the video to unlisted (this makes the video viewable by only those with the link to the video).
  • Title must be in the format of: ACPBA 2021/Full Name of the Player/Grade/Music Idiom (ie: ACPBA 2021/Kylie MacHattie/Professional/MSR)
  • In the description box please put the names of your tunes (ie: Crags of Stirling/Arniston Castle/Kalabakan)
  • Following the upload please listen to the video to ensure it is of acceptable quality.


Prize money for the Gold Medal and the Professional MSR

First place in each event will receive $250.00 (CAD)

Second place in each event will receive $150.00 (CAD)

Third place in each event will receive $100.00 (CAD)

2021 Piobaireachd Challenge Judges

Stuart Easton (New Zealand)
Marion Horsburgh (New Zealand)
Brett Tidswell (Australia)
Greg Wilson (New Zealand)