Gold Rush 50/50 – The College of Piping And Celtic Performing Arts of Canada

You can find our boxes at the following locations (our currently active boxes):

  • Dooly’s (Summerside)
  • Kensington Food Basket
  • Gass’s General Store (New Haven)
  • Gallant’s Clover Farm (Rustico)
  • Race Trac Gas (Stanley Bridge)
  • Needs Convenience (Summerside/Water Street location)
  • Wilsons Gas (Summerside)
  • Downtown Convenience
  • Granville Street Esso
  • Griffin’s Smoke Shop (Sobeys/Granville Street)
  • Lights Smoke Shop
  • Summerside Butcher Shop
  • Water Street Bakery
  • Credit Union Place
  • Medicine Shoppe (Summerside)

We will also hold a draw each week for a $25.00 gift certificate to show our appreciation to our Gold Rush players for your support each week!   We will randomly draw a number from our active players each week.  The gift certificates will be for local businesses as we also want to show our support for our island community!  


The Gold Rush 50/50 is a joint fundraiser between the College of Piping and the College’s Pipe Bands.

How to Play

  1. Drop in to the College of Piping or one of our retail supporters and tell the sales person you would like to become a member of the College of Piping Gold Rush Draw.
  2. They will give you a ticket with a number on it. Please fill in your name and contact information very clearly on the ticket. Only one name per ticket.
  3. Hand the ticket with your name and information back to the retailer (please take note of your number, or keep the other portion of the stub). You are now a member of our Gold Rush Draw with an assigned number.
  4. The cost to play is $2 a week. Write your number very clearly on the provided stickers located beside Gold Rush box. Attach the sticker to your toonie and drop it in the box.
  5. Please sign in for the current week only. Do not date toonies for upcoming draws.
  6. Weekly draws are made every Thursday afternoon.
  7. Boxes at our retail locations are collected on Thursday mornings, with the exception our North Shore locations (Gallant’s Clover Farm, Rustico and Race Trac Gas, Stanley Bridge) and our location in Cornwall (Gass’ General Store) which are collected Wednesday evening. Sign in can be done at the College of Piping until 1:00pm on Thursday.
  8. The draw’s value is 50% of the total pool. In the event a number is drawn that is not signed in, that amount is carried over and added to the next weeks draw.

Enter your toonie every week at any of our retail locations:


  • The College of Piping of Celtic Performing Arts of Canada
  • Summerside Butcher Shop
  • Granville St Esso
  • Water St Bakery
  • Lights Smoke Shop
  • Griffin’s Smoke Shop
  • Sobeys
  • Wilson’s Gas – Water St
  • Needs Convenience/Shell Gas Station – Water St
  • Fiveeleven West Food Counter – Credit Union Place
  • Downtown Convenience
  • Dooly’s
  • Medicine Shoppe


  • Kensington Food Basket

North Shore:

  • Gallant’s Clover Farm – Rustico
  • Race Trac Gas – Stanley Bridge
  • Cornwall  Gass’ General Store

PrePay for the 50/50 Draw!

If you are unable to get in to one of our retail locations on a regular basis, we offer a PrePay option which will still allow you to participate in the weekly draw. Simply call the College of Piping to set up your PrePay account. For any payment made with a credit card, a minimum transaction of $20 is required. For more information, call (902) 436-5377.

Please Note:  Make sure you write your number very clearly. If it can be a different number viewed upside down then underline your number to be sure the proper number can be identified.  There is absolutely no advantage to signing in more than once a week. All the numbers are pulled from a separate drum. We do not use the toonies in the drawing process.

If you forget your number, please give us a call at the College of piping and we will give it to you.  New number are accepted any time.

Find out weekly winners via our Facebook page, or from our email distribution list  It’s not the College of Piping’s responsibility to notify you when your Prepay expires.

For more information, please contact us at the College of Piping at 1-902-436-5377 or 1-877- BAGPIPE (1-877-224-7473).